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SMC (Molded composite sheet)

The SMC or Sheet Molding Compound, is a type of composite material formed by a thermosetting resin, a fiber reinforcement, fillers and additives to improve or provide certain final properties to the piece. These properties make this material ideal for application in the field of electronics, such as lamps, motor parts or electronic components; It is also applied in the automotive sector, such as doors, front parts, ceilings or floors; It is also applied in sanitary elements such as bathtubs, sinks or showers; Another application is in transport such as trains and buses. Currently, they are also being applied to balconies, mailboxes or surgical equipment.

Parts for electrical panel

We create the covers and housings for the electrical panels as well as bases for the fuses.

PIMC painted parts

We paint parts with the PIMC mode using a robotic technique. The Powder In-Mold Coating (PIMC) process is very useful for mass production such as public transport seats such as panels or housings.

Industrial parts

We manufacture various industrial parts such as protective welding masks, as well as housings for hand dryer motors.

Tapestry pieces

We mold pieces with tapestry relief. This coating process is very useful for mass productions such as public transport seats.

Train Parts

We manufacture various parts for trains, including backrests and seats, armrests, wastebaskets, windows and roofs.

Parts with high pressure laminate (HPL)

We manufacture parts with a high pressure HPL laminate, this is made of a printed decorative paper that is fused with several sheets of kraft paper saturated with a phenolic resin. These have interesting properties and characteristics such as a wide variety of colors, resistant to solar radiation, resistant to water, humidity and stains.



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