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About us

Our history is marked by a clear entrepreneurial and innovative vocation. Since Jaume Lebrero Cuset began this adventure together with four partners in a small ship originally called Prensats Jaume in 1996, throughout these years we have remained firm with those values with which we were born.


In 1999, four years since its foundation, the company was consolidated as Pretec, at the same time, the entity Ptretec Vallés Fabricació was also formed.

With the increase in construction, Pretec opted to expand its machinery and we consolidated ourselves as material suppliers for large companies in the sector at the national level.


A decade later, Pretec began to expand throughout the European continent until reaching the situation in which it currently finds itself, which corresponds to a company known in many countries around the world such as Brazil, Turkey, Germany, among others. 


Our mission

We are a company oriented to provide differentiated products and services in order to offer the best quality and experience.



We adapt to market variants, both on a technological and social level.


We are pioneers in the technique of plate pressing.

Problem resolution

We manage to solve your problems by creating or modifying your molds. 

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